Benefits of Used Industrial Packaging for Your Company and the Environment in 2022

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On November 22, 2022


Although there are a number of environmental benefits associated with using reusable packaging in the United States, the main reason why most companies switch to reusable shipping material is because they save money. Reusable packaging benefits a business in several different ways, including:

 Benefits of Used Industrial Packaging for your Company and the Environment

Benefits of Used Industrial Packaging for your Company and the Environment

• Reducing the number of injuries caused by box cutting, staples and broken pallets by eliminating those hazards

• Providing ergonomic handles and access doors that enhance worker safety by providing a more comfortable working environment.

• Standardizing the sizes and weights of packaging will reduce the risk of back injuries.

• Providing standardized containers for merchandising racks, storage racks, flow racks, lift and tilt equipment, and lift/tilt systems in order to facilitate their use

• Reducing the number of slips and falls that occur in-plant by removing in-plant debris, such as stray packaging materials, from workplaces.

Fast delivery and reduced inventory

Improvements in ordering/inventory capabilities and inventory tracking is made possible through the standardization of transport packaging components and order quantities.

Delivering smaller quantities at a more frequent rate and delivering them close to the time of use could help reduce the amount of idle stock and dollars that are not being used.

This is because the cost of pick-ups from suppliers or deliveries to customers can be reduced by combining them

Enhancement of the quality of service and products

There is a reduction in the number of product damages caused by packaging failure during transportation. Reduce costs by improving the efficiency of freight and loading dock operations.

Perishables stored in ventilated containers will remain fresh and shelf-stable for longer periods of time, increasing their freshness and shelf-life.

Reduction in the cost of packaging materials

This results in packaging material costs per trip being reduced to pennies thanks to the longer useful life of reusable and used packaging.In addition, reusable transportation packaging has the advantage of being cost-effective for a long period of time

Costs associated with waste management reduced

  1. There’s less waste to recycle or dispose of.
  2. Waste can be recycled or disposed of with less labor.
  3. Cost savings from recycling or disposal.
  4. By switching to reusable packaging, companies save money on waste disposal and handling. Reuse, including recycling, affects landfill and composting costs.

 Advantages for the environment



Recycling can support a company’s sustainability goals. The Environmental Protection Agency supports reuse as a way to prevent waste from being sent to landfills. A source reduction program, which includes reuse, can cut waste disposal and handling costs because you don’t have to recycle, compost, landfill, or burn things. In addition to conserving resources, source reduction reduces pollution, like greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming.”

To determine how reusable containers would impact the environment in comparison to expendable containers. Reusable packaging requires 39% less energy, 95% less solid waste, and 29% less greenhouse gas emissions on average. Several subsequent studies have confirmed those results.

These are some of the positive environmental impacts of reusable transport packaging:

  • Reduction of the need to build expensive disposal facilities or additional landfills.
  • Assist in meeting the waste diversion goals of the state and county.
  • Ensure that the local community is supported.
  • Most reusable transport packaging can be recycled by recycling plastics and metals at the end of its useful life. The wood itself can serve as landscape mulch or livestock bedding after it has reached the end of its useful life.
  • As a result, greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced and overall energy consumption has been reduced as well.
  • Whether your company is looking to reduce its costs or reduce its environmental footprint, reusable transport packaging is wortconsidering. This is if your goal is to reduce costs or lower your environmental footprint.

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