How to Make Money Selling Wooden Pallets as a Side Hustle?

Posted by ReUsed USA
On December 19, 2022

Can you make Money Selling Wooden Pallets as a Side Hustle?

Would you like to earn some extra income in an innovative way? Looking for a side hustle that can grow into a full-fledged business? You might be interested in selling used wooden pallets.

Companies like Used Pallet Recycling and ReUsed USA are always looking for entrepreneurs to pick up and sell used wood pallets from low-volume users (like restaurants, convenience stores, etc.) every day. Our fleet of trucks and trailers enables us to pick up used pallets from large users (i.e. restaurants, convenience stores, etc.) We have a fleet of trucks and trailers to pick up used pallets from large users (i.e. grocery stores, manufacturing plants) but there are many smaller businesses that use wood pallets for their daily deliveries. We buy pallets from lower-volume users nationwide

Many individuals have made serious money picking up and selling used pallets. It can work for you, too.

Learn how to sell wooden pallets for a profit in this article. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about this business. In no time, you’ll have the knowledge you need to start selling pallets, even if you don’t know what a pallet is.


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So what exactly are wood pallets?

Im sure you’ve seen them lying around but most people do not know much about them. In order to sell wooden pallets and break free from a 9-5 job life, you first need to know what they are.

Manufacturing companies transport products using wooden pallets. Pallets are used to transport large quantities of product to other areas of the warehouse or to trucks.

Pallets offer incredible convenience in product transport and delivery. Even after they have been used once it’s often the case they can’t be used again. For example a food manufacturer or medical company cannot reuse wooden pallets

The weight of these pallets can cause many of these pallets to break. Pallets can also be damaged by untrained forklift operators, making them unusable for repeated use.This will most likely lead to pallets accumulating in a warehouse or outside a business until they are broken up and thrown away.Businesses must take time away from important work to dispose of these pallets, which can be a long and expensive process.

Aside from that, most businesses are unaware that it can cost them thousands of dollars in potential revenue.

Companies like Used Pallet Recycling buy and recycle used pallets meaning that this could be a goldmine for people with an entrepreneurial mind that are willing to pick up these pallets.

In addition to being good for the environment, recycling old pallets makes it a popular choice for some businesses.

It is true, however, that many businesses aren’t taking advantage of these services yet. Pallets litter their warehouses and walkways, leaving them to deal with unnecessary clutter.

You can start making money by taking these pallets off of a business’s hands. You’ll have a supply of material to sell to us or any pallet recycler near you once you find businesses looking to dispose of their pallets.

You’re sure to have a constant flow of materials coming your way since businesses receive pallet deliveries every day.

Taking advantage of this process, however, isn’t straightforward.

You can earn money by collecting and delivering wooden pallets by following the steps below.

If done right, you can even develop this into a profitable business of your own.


Who Buys Used Wooden Pallets?

If you want to buy wooden pallets, you need to determine who, exactly, is willing to buy them.

There’s probably a company near you.

It’s just a matter of knowing where to look for them.

Find pallet recycling companies in your area by searching online. Pallet recyclers can be found online by doing an online search.

Find out how much they will pay you for the pallets you bring in. Make sure you choose the one that will bring in the most revenue. Makes sure to ask the right questions to avoid picking up useless pallets that nobody will pay for


used wooden pallets

A company’s willingness to pay you for a pallet will depend on several factors, including:

Pallet Size

The standard 48″ x 40″ 4-way entry wooden pallet is considered gold in the pallet recycling industry. Local Recyclers will almost always pay the most for this type and may not pay anything for other odd sized pallets. That being said 48″ x 48″, 36″ x 36″, and 42″ x 42″ sizes also have some resale value. It is important to call a company ahead and make sure they accept the size before you bring it to them.

Pallet Condition

This is the most important factor that determines how much you’ll get paid. It is possible to repair pallets in a reasonable shape and sell them again for resale. As a result, recycling companies value them much more than those in bad condition. It’s not all bad, though, as these pallets can also earn you some extra cash. Pallets in bad condition can be recycled at a lower rate by many recycling services. Some will even pay you to have your pallets turned into mulch.

Amount of pallets

There is a great deal of importance to the number you have. The more pallets you can bring in, the more you’ll be paid per pallet. Even though a shipment of good used pallets will make more than a mixture of good and bad pallets, you can be fairly certain that you can make more money with more pallets. Therefore, securing more clients can help you gain more traction for starting your own business. While this may not seem like an important factor, many companies have a set minimum and do not allow small local deliveries.

Taking this information into account can help you figure out how much you can make per haul. Once you get into the swing of things, you may even be able to predict how much you will receive each time.

You will begin to realize, for instance, that pallets from one client generally bring in more money than those from another, so you’ll know which pallet pickups are most beneficial to your company.

Establishing good relationships with the businesses from which you will pick up pallets and recycling companies to which you will sell pallets is essential for ensuring a steady stream of income.

What to do before starting to sell used wooden pallets?

Two things are needed to get started:

  • Equipment that is suitable
  • The business plan you’ll use to run your company


pallet side hustle truck


Wooden pallets cannot be transported in large quantities without the right vehicles.

It will be difficult to fit 48″x40″ pallets into a regular vehicle, even a truck.  It is therefore necessary to acquire a vehicle capable of transporting a large amount of wooden pallets.

If you cannot afford such a vehicle, you might be able to store some pallets in your current car or truck—preferably a truck. As a result, you will have to make multiple trips to pick up and deliver used pallets, which will cost you time and gas and reduce your earnings.

Nevertheless, if you simply want to make a bit of money on the side, this should suffice. Getting started small allows you to build a business, earn some income, and gain valuable experience before you can expand to a larger vehicle.

Generally, if you plan on becoming a professional pallet transporter, you should obtain a vehicle with enough space for the pallets you’ll be transporting.

In addition, you should ensure that the pallets don’t get damaged even further during transport.

To protect your cargo, some suggest building walls around your vehicle. It may also be possible to stack them vertically in a truck bed-and if you have a trailer you can pull, you can load them there as well.

Selling used wood pallets can be a lucrative business if you secure proper transportation.

If you intend to transport a large number of wooden pallets at once, you should buy or lease a commercial-grade vehicle as your business grows. As a result, your income and profit margins will increase.

If you own a business, what should you do?

It is possible to make money by recycling wooden pallets if you own or manage a business that needs to offload used pallets. When you have enough pallets to sell, you can cut out the middleman and sell directly to the recycling company. Most of the time local pallet companies will be happy to send a truck and pick up them up, and pay you!

As a result, you will benefit from recycling and earn money at the same time. Entrepreneurs and businesses can make money selling used wooden pallets by taking advantage of these opportunities.


What other types of material can you sell

Other recyclable material includes used ibc totes, 55 gallon barrels, used gaylord boxes, bulk bins, super sacks, bulk bags, and plastic. All of these different materials can sell for a different price and it is probably best to just start small work your way up. Often times one manufacturer will have multiple different waste streams that they need removed.

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