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In the United States, what is the standard pallet size?


In the United States, 48 x 40 wooden pallets are the most common size. Developed by the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association (GMA), and these pallets make up about 30% of all of the new wood pallets that are produced in North America, which are of a size that will accommodate consumer goods.

According to GMA pallet standards in the United States, the standard pallet size for the industry is 48″ x 40″. The majority of them weigh 37 pounds and are capable of holding up to 4,600 pounds of weight. In terms of pallet sizes, the 42 inch x 42 inch pallet and the 48 inch x 48 inch pallet are the next most common.

There are various types of pallets that are used for shipping today, and the information below is merely a guideline.


What is the standard pallet size in my region?


In general, the sizes of the pallets vary depending on the region of the world that they are shipped to. Generally speaking, living in America, there is a good chance that the pallet you will find won’t have the same size as someone who lives in Europe or Australia, for example, if you live in the United States. There has been considerable progress regarding standardization and reusability of pallets despite the fact that there are differences in pallet sizes between countries globally. Due to increased global trade, the ISO Pallet list now includes standard dimensions for pallets, which was necessary as an increase in global trade necessitated standard pallet dimensions. 


Of the many different standard pallet sizes available, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has approved six pallet dimensions which are now widely used around the globe. There is a table below that shows the standard pallet dimensions and sizes available in each of the main geographic regions of the world in addition to the ISO pallet dimensions.



48″ x 40″ 4-way entry pallet:

Through the use of notched stringers, the 4-way pallets can be entered from both sides, as well as from the front and rear. In comparison to two-way pallets of the same configuration, this pallet has a higher level of versatility. This particular pallet cannot normally be accessed by pallet jacks because of the side entry on it.

48″ x 40″ 2-way pallet:

Two-way pallets are pallets that can only be entered from the front or back of the pallet. There is a greater strength across the stringers of this pallet than the stringers of four-way pallets of the same configuration. There are two sides to this pallet, and it is a flush style pallet that cannot be reversible.

48″ x 40″ block pallet:

All four sides of the block style pallet are equally accessible to forklift trucks and pallet jacks, making it the most convenient pallet with regard to forklift trucks and pallet jacks. Block Pallets are stronger and more expensive than stringer 48 x 40 pallets

48″ x 40″ 4-way oak heavy duty pallet:

In order to meet the high demands on a pallet, we provide heavy duty pallets. This pallet is designed to support a greater weight capacity without breaking, as opposed to other pallets

48″ x 48″ 3-stringers pallet:

These wide-based pallets are commonly usedin the steel and plastic drum iindustry.The pallet is perfect for moving four 55-gallon barrels at a time, and the pallet is very strong. It is yet another pallet that can be used on pallet jacks.

48″ x 48″ 4-way stringer pallet:

There are four 55 gallon barrels can be moved at once with this system, but it can only be done with a forklift. It is stronger than a pallet with three strings of 48 inches by 48 inches, which is 48 inches by 48 inches. They are also used to ship and store amterial in gaylord boxes.

EPAL HT Block pallet measuring 47″ x 31″:

EPAL block pallets are HT (heat-treated) for international shipping. All four sides are easily accessible by forklift and pallet jack. A standard trailer can load it three-wide for maximum trailer floor space. One-time use only. Should be recycled after use.

42″ x 42″ 4-way HT pallet:

The pallet is legal for export and allows four-way entry. HT pallets are ideal for shipping or storing small items.  It is also good for storing or shipping bulk bags or gaylord boxes.

44″ x 44″ 4-way entry Heat Treated pallets:

Almost identical to the 42″ x 42″ pallet, but slightly larger.

48″ x 40″ 4-way Tight Gap pallet:

A 48′′x40′′ standard 4-way pallet is made tight gap by adding filler strips. Small items or bags can be shipped or stored this way without hanging between deck boards, which is great for shipping and storing.

48″ x 40″ 4-way Heat Treated pallet:

It is identical to our 48″x40″ 4-way pallet, but has a heat treated stamp so it can be exported internationally. It also common in the food manufacturing and medical fields due to strict regulation