Upcycling DIY Home Projects Ideas

Posted by ReUsed USA
On November 19, 2022

Upcycling is reusing waste or unwanted materials without destroying them in order to create something new. Here is a chart of common material and some ideas of DIY Crafts you can do at home


Recyclable MaterialIdeas/ Crafts
Bread Clips– Cord Organizers
Broken Mugs– Pencil Holders – Plant drainage – mini plant pot
Candle Jars– Fill jars with party favors for social events – Donate to a school or second hand store – Refill with new candles
Cassette Tapes
Coffee Grounds– Compost – Use to keep stray cats out of your garden – Use as exfoliator in homemade skincare – Plant fertilizer
Cookie / Biscuit Tins– Coffee bean/grinds storage – Earrings – Homemade sewing kit – DIY Christmas ornaments
DVDs & CDs– Mobile – Wind chime
Film Negatives– Make a lamp shade – Create a purse using negatives – Give to a film collector
Food glass jars– Drinking glass – Storage containers – DIY snow globes
Glass from Picture Frames– Get mirror spray paint and create mirrors – Use mirror spray paint on broken glass for mosaic art
Old Picture Frames– Framed display board
Old Stamps– Use for craft supplies
Pill Bottles– Donate to animal shelters or veterinarians (call to confirm first) – Use as spice, tea, sugar, coffee containers for hiking
Plastic Bottle Caps– Craft material
Plastic Utensils– Use for craft supplies – Donate to school or artist who needs items for supplies – Donate to 2nd hand craft store
Scrap Clothing– Cut into square, use as cleaning rags – Cut into shreds, use as pillow stuffing – Make dog toys with scrap fabric – Yarn for crafts (look up t-shirt yarn)
Twist Ties– Cable management -Securing plants to posts/cages
Unwanted or Damaged Eyeglasses– Mini photo frames
Unwanted or duplicate photographs– Cut and / or paste to make magnets, badges, ornaments, etc. – make a college – make postcard/greeting cards – Give to a film collector
Used Greeting Cards– Make a college using cards – Use cards again, cover up previous messages – Cut down to use at gift tags – Donate to schools for crafting
VHS tapes– Go to Reddit/VHS give tapes away to collectors
Wearable Clothing– Take to homeless shelter – Take to a thrift store – Give away in yard sale group on Facebook Marketplace
Wrapping Paper Scraps– Use again – Make origami
Banana skins– Plant fertilizer
Any paper– Make handmade paper for crafts – Weave into baskets
Food plastic containers– Pots for plants (make drainage holes and use lid as saucer)
Packaging paper– Wrapping paper (possible to paint designs)
Old/stained/ripped sheets– Dye another color – Make beeswax wraps (only with cotton fabric) – Rags – Rip into yarn for crafts
Newspaper– Wrapping paper – Weave into baskets – Compost
Plastic bags– Make yarn and use for crafts – Use as trash bag
Cardboard boxes– Biodegradable seedling pots
Old books– Black out poetry
Toilet paper roll– Cable organizer – Cutting it makes a great phone holder
Wooden Pallets– Bookshelf
IBC Totes– Water Storage (be careful not to use hazmat totes)

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