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Reused USA offers Used, Recon, Rebottled, and New IBC Totes across the United States. We also offer a free container recycling service nationwide. We buy IBC Totes. Rebates can be anywhere from $10 to $100 per tote. Local Pick Ups and drop trailers are available


Frequently Asked IBC Tote Questions

What are IBC Totes?

IBC (intermediate bulk container) totes are a popular solution for the storing and shipping of bulk material or liquid. 

What are the bulk containers used for?

They are a palletized , industrial grade reusable containers that is used for storing and transporting bulk liquids or dry bulk goods. Lots of Food manufacturer and producers use them on a daily basis   

Do you have a minimum or max pick up amount

Ideally we want 60 rinsed and ready to go IBC totes per truck. That is obviously not always possible and we are willing to work almost any customer  

How much do used IBC Totes cost in America?

Our prices vary drastically depending on what condition you need the tote in. Some rinsed IBC totes can go for $10 per tote, while new IBCs can be around $150-200 depending on what state you are in.  

New IBC Totes


  • Brand new metal cages and plastic bottles
  • Never used before
  • Most expensive
  • Safe for Food or Medical Use

Rebottled IBC Totes

  • Used Metal Cages
  • New Plastic Bottle
  • Good Cheaper Option than brand new tote


Types of Used IBC Totes

Unrinsed IBC Totes 

  • May have previous residue from what to be in container  
  • Not suitable for Food grade or medical standards 
  • Cross contamination is a huge risk
  • Important to know what was in the tote beforehand
  • DO NOT use for drinking water
  • Cheap ($10 per tote)


Rinsed or Tripple Rinsed 

  • Either Profesionaly or done by company 
  • Works great on food product or easy to rinse out material 
  • Good for waste water or storage 
  • not great for other food products or end products

Reconditioned (Recon) IBC Totes

Professionally Reconditioned 

  • Visually inspected for leaks and damage
  • 275 Gallon and 330 Gallon
  • Repaired cages
  • Rinsed with hot water 3 times
  • Chemical rinses
  • Pressure tested
  • new valves

Reconditioners are heavily regulated by DOT and EPA.

What is a UN Number

The UN (United Nations) number is on the serial number plate.

31ACode number designating type of IBC
YPackaging group the IBC is approved for (Group II and III)
0307Month/year of manufacture
USACountry authorizing the marking
M5406Name of manufacturer or certification agency
7674Maximum stacking test load in kg
4263Maximum permissible gross mass in kg
2082Rated capacity in liters
283Tare mass kg (estimate)
0307Month/year of initial leakproofness test date
0307Month/year of initial inspection date
304SSMaterial of construction
3.12Min. Thickness MM
43626-10Manufacturer serial number

More Info on IBC Totes

U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT):

Hazardous Cargo Bulletin:


275 Gallon IBC Tote vs 330 Gallon IBC Tote





IBCs with a capacity of 275 gallons are commonly used in industry for a variety of applications. Their specific gravity ranges from 1.9 to 2.0. IBCs are intermediate bulk containers, because their capacity falls between 55 gallon drums and high capacity bulk storage tanks. These containers are also known as IBC totes, IBC tanks, or IBC containers. Utilizing modern industry technology, we manufacture intermediate bulk containers in the USA. In addition to meeting or exceeding governmental regulations, they are designed for a variety of commodities handling and transportation applications at home and abroad.


We manufacture our 275 gallon IBCs using virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE) resin that is FDA approved, BPA free, and approved per ANSI / NSF 61 regulations for potable water and consumables (excluding reconditioned caged IBCs). UV inhibitors are used in the manufacturing process to prevent damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight and the elements.

Advantages of the 275 Gallon IBC Tote

It is an excellent choice for commodities that are sensitive and potentially degenerative to ship in intermediate bulk containers. Materials, chemicals, etc., that may be damaged by water, heat, or air exposure are protected by IBC engineering from such reactions. An IBC of 275 gallons will provide ample storage and transportation space for a wide variety of such materials. It is possible to store, handle, and ship IBC cargo without compromising its integrity.


There are 275 gallon IBC tanks that are strong, effective, simplistic containers for a wide range of materials that are highly efficient in handling the duress of transportation and other uses. IBCs are reusable, making them long-term logistic assets suitable for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and consumer needs. As a result, they can save money over time.

  • Top Induustires that use 275 Gallon IBC tyotes
  • Food and agriculture
  • The chemical industry
  • Fracking and Oil Companies
  • The petrochemical industry
  • International shipping and transport
  • Wastewater and water treatment
  • Paint
  • Food Industry
  • Beverages
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Skincare, cosmetics, fragrances
  • Construction, Road Work, Striping
  • Solvents, lubricants, and greases
  • DIY Projects


Handling and transportation of 275 gallon IBCs

In comparison to standard drum transport containers, 275 gallon totes are more space-saving and easier to handle. IBC totes that hold 275 gallons are equal to five 55 gallons drums and fit into standard pallet dimensions. A cubical shape makes IBCs easier to maneuver, stack, organize in position, and transport, as opposed to cylindrical ones. There is a stacking capacity of three IBCs when empty and two when loaded. Despite caged IBC models, all other models are reusable and can be used over hundreds of times with no problem.



IBC tanks with a capacity of 330 gallons are commonly used to replace drums and pallets in modern construction because of their increased tank capacity and equivalent size. American made 330 gallon IBCs designed for shipping of bulk goods. According to government industry standards, our 330 gallon IBCs are engineered and manufactured in the USA.


These 330 gallon IBC totes are made from virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE) resin that is BPA free, FDA food grade certified, and meets shipping standards. Depending on their prior use, these IBCs may be used for potable water or labeled consumables, except for caged IBC totes that have been refurbished. The HDPE used in modern IBCs is treated with ultraviolet inhibitors to prevent sunlight degradation, allowing them to be positioned outdoors for extended periods of time.

Advantages of the 330 Gallon IBC

In addition to being impact resistant, HDPE totes are also resistant to punctures, rust, and many chemicals, caustics, and acids. In storage, handling, and shipping potentially sensitive commodities, HDPE IBCs provide a sealed environment against heat, water, and air.

  • The agricultural industry
  • Inorganic substances
  • Green Energy
  • Gas and Oil


330 Gallon Shipping and Handling


In convenient, standard pallet dimensions, intermediate bulk containers can hold significant product volume. It is easier to use, store, stack, and ship these IBCs than six 55 gallon drum totes, and all but caged IBCs can be re-used hundreds of times. In terms of cost-to-service life, large capacity 330 gallon IBCs are very cost-effective due to their reusability and longevity.

Totes with 330 gallons are engineered to maximize their size, weight, and volume efficiency. By combining cuboids, HDPE, and integrated pallets, the tank organization and maneuverability are maximized. In the case of empty IBCs, they can be stacked three high, in the case of cargo, they can be stacked two high.


ReUsed USA offers the following 330 gallon IBC models and types:

  • Triple Rinsed Used 330 Gallon
  • Used IBC Tanks
  • Food Grade IBC totes
  • New IBC Tote
  • Rebottled IBC Tote
  • Reconditioned Caged IBC Tote