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Our recycling plant in local to Newark and Camden, NJ. We are able to provide free IBC Tote pick ups and delivery across the entire state of New Jersey. Give us a call today.


ReUsed USA also provides IBC Tote Recycling in the near by states of  New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania

Reused Usa IBC Totes

Used IBC Totes in New Jersey 

IBC totes for Sale in NJ

  • Rebottled
  • Reconditioned
  • New
  • Used
  • Food Grade Totes

Sell IBC Totes

  • Reused USA buys good containers
  • We pay on average $20-$70 per good tote
  • Free pick ups and drop trailers

Removal IBC Totes

  • Free Removal and Recycling of Empty Totes
  • No Charges for Broken or Dirty IBCs
  • Rebates for good containers


Used IBC totes in New Jersey

IBC Tote Recycling in New Jersey 

What types IBC totes do you sell in New Jersey?
  • Dirty IBC totes
  • Rinsed Food Grade Totes
  • Metal Totes
  • Rebottled
  • Recon
  • New 330 Gallon & 275 Gallon
  • Triple Rinsed
Do you Recycle Hazmat IBC Totes for Free?

As far as Hazmat IBCs are concerned, there is no extra charge for them. As long as the tote is empty when we pick it up, we will be more than happy to remove it from the premises. If you send us a full container, we will not be able to accept it, and it will be returned to you. Please also prepare the hazmat placards in a timely manner for the truck driver so that they can be handed over to them.

How Much Do Used IBC Totes Cost in New jersey

Our Pricing for Used IBC Totes in Nj:

Dirty/Unrinsed 330s and 275s – $30

Triple Rinsed 330s and 275s – $55-60

Rebottled Totes – $160

Recon IBC Totes – $125 

New IBC Totes – $180 

How much are USEd IBC totes Worth in NJ?

A used IBC tote can be bought for anywhere from $10 – $70, depending on the condition of the tote. Compared to other types of IBCs, food grade IBCs are more valuable. It is important to keep in mind, however, that oil fracking, herbicides, pesticides, or agricultural totes are not as valuable because of the risks connected with them

What can i do with Old or Damaged IBC totes

Due to the fact that old or damaged IBCs do not have any resale value, we are unable to compensate you. It is possible for us to provide you with a free pick up service as well as recycle the totes.

How many Totes Can Fit on a Truck

We are able to fit 60 used IBC totes in one 53 foot dry van with Reused USA. All we ask if that you have a dock and forklift on site

What is a UN Number

The UN (United Nations) number is on the serial number plate.

31ACode number designating type of IBC
YPackaging group the IBC is approved for (Group II and III)
0307Month/year of manufacture
USACountry authorizing the marking
M5406Name of manufacturer or certification agency
7674Maximum stacking test load in kg
4263Maximum permissible gross mass in kg
2082Rated capacity in liters
283Tare mass kg (estimate)
0307Month/year of initial leakproofness test date
0307Month/year of initial inspection date
304SSMaterial of construction
3.12Min. Thickness MM
43626-10Manufacturer serial number
Where are you located in New Jersey

We have Pick Up and Drop off Locations in the following cities:

Jersey City
Toms River
Hamilton township
Cherry Hill

Free IBC Tote Pick Up

  1. Contact a Member of our Team
  2. Submit Pictures and Amount of IBCs
  3. Schedule a Truck for Pick Up
  4. We will pay you for good totes
IBC Totes in NJ

IBC tanks come in a variety of types in New Jersey


There is a wide variety of options that consumers can choose from when it comes to IBC tanks.


Food Grade IBCs

Food safety is important for a number of reasons, including transporting edible items and ensuring the safety of the food in IBC tanks. In terms of shapes and sizes, food tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from water to fruit juice. The use of these containers is widespread across the food industry, including the winemaking sector, since they are able to hold large amounts of wine without allowing it to spoil, making them an important part of the food industry. IBC tanks can also be used to store dairy products such as milk and cream.

Stainless steel is often used to construct food-grade IBC tanks, since it is sanitary and easy to clean. Food regulators check these IBC tanks before they are shipped out to ensure that they comply with current sanitation laws.




An insulated tote is a container whose inner bottles have been replaced with new ones. Metal cages may have been recycled or repaired.

It should be noted that this type of IBC tank is also known as a caged water tank since it is capable of holding a large volume of water, which is important to those working in the field. With these products, companies are able to transport fresh water quickly without worrying that it will be polluted during transportation. The possibility exists that rebottled IBC tanks may be customized with certain valves that will make it easier for users to pour water from them. There are a variety of sizes of IBC tanks, which are constructed of UV-stabilized plastic that prevents the sun’s rays from heating up the plastic, thus preventing small particles from entering water and contaminating it.



Used Chemical IBCs

Using IBC tanks, a wide range of chemicals, even dangerous chemicals, can be stored safely without the risk of leaks. The following are some highlights of what they have to offer:

  • These tanks can be used to store large quantities of fertilizers for agricultural use.
  • Certain chemicals can be properly dosed with their assistance in certain cases.
  • Designed to prevent spillage, it prevents contamination of the environment and the accumulation of waste.
  • Typically, these devices include alarms that alert the user when they are full or empty.

There are a variety of materials that can be used to construct chemical IBC tanks, including plastic, but the majority of chemical IBC tanks are constructed from carbon steel or stainless steel. Therefore, these containers must comply with numerous laws regarding chemical containment, including FDA regulations, ASME standards, and UN/DOT requirements.

The use of IBC tanks to store chemicals may still be a bit iffy for some consumers due to the fact that a few materials can cause equipment malfunctions and even extreme temperature changes as a result of improper storage. The important thing to remember, however, is that chemical IBC tanks are designed to withstand problems such as these, making them an effective tool for containing even the most hazardous chemicals.



Pharmaceutical IBC Tanks

  • Pharmaceutical IBC tanks are commonly used to hold products such as acetic acid, alcohol, alginate, and aluminum formate, among others. These tanks are primarily used for storing powders generated by the pharmaceutical industry and for disposing of pills and capsules produced by this industry. As well, pharmaceutical IBC tanks have full traceability, which allows consumers to track both where their tanks originated and where they are being shipped. Additionally, they are accompanied by Installation Qualifications (IQ) and Operator Qualifications (OQ). Additionally, these IBC tanks feature silicone rings to ensure that they are airtight in order to prevent cross-contamination.



Automotive Industry IBC Totes

Additionally, IBC tanks are used by the automotive industry to store paints, oils, antifreezes, degreasers, and engine cleaners. As well as allowing different IBC tanks to be used for different items, IBC tanks also reduce waste and promote recycling, which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to accomplish. Additionally, workers in this field will find that IBC tanks can be used to measure liquids, such as oil, with the accuracy they require, without spilling any liquids.

Furthermore, the automotive industry also deals with items that tend to have strong odors, such as gasoline and oil. Due to this, these liquids may be poured inside an IBC to prevent heavy fumes that may pose a health risk.



Used Reconditioned IBC Tanks
  • This type of tank is clearly identified by its name as a refurbished model. Reconditioned IBC tanks are still durable, despite having been previously used, and are rigorously tested to ensure that they are in good working order. Furthermore, they are heavily rinsed in order to ensure that previous particles are removed from the new contents and are not mixed in. A form of IBC tank that is affordable and environmentally friendly may be the best option for you if you are searching for such a tank.