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Reused USA provides free pick up and removal of Empty Metal Drums across the country . We also have Used barrels for sale.

We Pay for Good Metal Drums!


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We also sell used 55 Gallon Fiber Drums totes. This includes rinsed, rebottled, and food grade containers

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We pay for good Drums. If you have bulk amounts of used totes please call us and we can discuss pricing

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Plastic Drum Recycling Questions


How Much Do We Pay For Used Metal

Our rebates depend heavily on what was previously inside the container. The most valuable totes are ones that previously contained food grade material or alcohol. We can provide more info once we have all the information needed


Is There a Minimum Pick Up Amount for Drums?

If you are located near one of our locations we are able to provide local pick ups for any amount of used totes. For longer distances we typically require full truck load amounts of barrels


Do you remove Metal Drums for Free

Yes we provide a free pick up service nationwide.


Do we Pick Up Plastic Drums as well

Yes we do. Altough please contact a member of our team to go over details of the Drum Pick Ups and Removals.


What Info Do We Need Before A Metal Drum Pick Up?

In Order to Schedule a Free Pick Up We need the Following:

  1. Confirm amount per pick up
  2. Pictures of the Metal Drums
  3. SDS or MSDS for Previous Material
  4. The pick up location of the containers.

Do you Offer Drop Trailers for Used Drums?

Yes! For larger companies that require multiple pick ups per day or week we offer drop trailers. Then we will haul off the trailer and replace it whenever necessary.


Where can i drop off Used Metal Drums?

If you are located near any of our recycling centers, feel free to come by and drop them off Monday-Friday 7am- 5pm

We also provide a free pick up service and drop trailers for customers


Steel Drum Recycling


Founded in 2004, Reused USA is an industrial drum and intermediate bulk container (IBC) recycling service company. Our team picks up used, empty steel and plastic drums every day, preventing them from being disposed of in landfills and keeping them out of the hands of the public. Depending on their condition, the drums are either reconditioned and resold to be refilled or they are cleaned and made into scrap steel or plastic. Steel and plastic scraps are transformed into many new products, such as drain pipes, flower pots, and many others. Reconditioned drums make great second-hand purchases. Several clients choose to buy them back.

An overview of plastic and steel drum recycling can be found here


The Environmental Benefits of Steel Drums


Sustainability is one of the most important factors to consider when determining how eco-friendly a material is. Every year, steel is recycled more than all other materials combined, making it the world’s most recycled material. The use and disposal of tons of drums every year makes steel drums the most environmentally friendly drum option. The durability of recycled steel drums is the same as that of original steel, so by choosing recycled steel drums, you are saving money and getting the same quality as a brand-new drum.


What is the best way to handle used drums?

Most companies throw away used plastic, fiber, and steel drums, but there are typically rules about how they should be disposed of since they often hold hazardous or environmentally damaging materials. Dealing with steel drum recycling companies is usually more efficient and cheaper than going through the hassle of legally disposing of used drums. In addition to accepting used drums from all kinds of industries, Reused USA provides pick-up services for companies without the means of transporting large quantities of drums.


Cleaning Process For Recycled Drums

The US Department of Transportation requires us to clean our drums thoroughly in order to ensure they meet UN safety standards.

It is first necessary to unload, open, and inspect the drums. Afterwards, the drums are loaded onto a progressive washer that washes, rinses, and dries them. After the drums have been inspected, they are placed in storage. The drums are capped and their labels are removed if they pass inspection. After the drums have been thoroughly cleaned, all exterior coatings and identifying marks are removed with a blasting process.

Any exterior imperfections are then checked on the drums. A leak test can be conducted only after the drums pass this inspection. The chimes are re-rounded after passing this inspection. We test the drums for leaks using a state-of-the-art ultrasonic leak tester that can detect holes as small as 10,000 of an inch in diameter. A precise amount of paint is applied every time to give the coatings maximum performance and look after moving into our automated paint booth. Once the drums have dried, they can be loaded and delivered.

Drums that do not meet our three inspections or the current UN safety regulations are washed, crushed, and recycled into raw steel resources.

Disposal Service For Unsalvageable Drums


It is not possible to recycle and reuse all of the used drums that we pick up. Drums can fall into three categories, depending on their condition:

Drums that are in good condition, with no holes or dents, can be rinsed out and reused. Some examples of such products include drums containing oils, light solvents, food products, and soaps.

Drums that are non-reusable are those that have been used to contain paints, resins, glues, surfactants and other materials that are hard to clean.

Drums that have holes or have been badly dented or the top or bottom chime has been compromised are considered crushers.



Benefits of Using Used and Recycleed Steel Drums


Steel drums are one of the most popular and reliable options for containers, and there is a reason for it. Listed below are just a few of the benefits that can be obtained by using our reconditioned steel drums.

As a result of their strength, durability, safety, and environmentally friendly nature, they are an excellent choice for transporting a wide variety of materials.

There is a wide range of storage options for these products and they are designed to meet the needs of both indoor and outdoor storage as well as transportation.

There are various types of closure options for their open heads so that they can be easily accessed and removed while at the same time keeping them safe and secure for transport. These closure options include bolt rings and lever locks.

In order to prevent contamination and corrosion, the interior of all drums is coated with rust inhibitors.

Every drum we recondition is carefully inspected and restored to its original condition as part of our reconditioning process.

With our commitment to the environment and to our customers, we ensure that every drum we produce meets current UN standards. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about steel drum recycling, would like to purchase any of our environmental drums, or would like to acquire our pickup, delivery, or disposal services.

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ReUsed USA offers a huge selection of metal barrels and other industrial storage and transportation items. Feel free to ask our experts for health and safety advice if you need it when it comes to disposing of your plastic barrels.

Our team are on hand to help you with your industrial packaging needs, and to answer any questions you might have about disposing of plastic barrels. We also provide a variety of other used packaging continers. This includes IBC Totes, Wooden Pallets, Gaylord Boxes, and FBIC Bulk Bags

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