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ReUsed USA is located in Little Rock, AR.  We are able to provide free IBC Tote pick ups and delivery across the entire state of Arkansas. We also provide used food grade, rebottled, reconditioned, and new IBC totes locally AR. Let us know how we can help your company.


We also provides IBC Tote Recycling in the the near by states of Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma

Used IBC Totes in Arkansas

Reused Usa IBC Totes

Used IBC Totes in Arkansas!


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    IBC Tote Recycling in Arkansas

    What types IBC totes do you sell in Arkansas?
    • 1 time used dirty totes
    • Rinsed Food Grade Totes
    • Metal Totes
    • Rebottled
    • Recon
    • Reconditoned
    • New 330 Gallon & 275 Gallon
    • Triple Rinsed
    • 275 Gallon
    • 330 Gallon
    Do you Recycle Hazmat IBC Totes for Free?

    Yes we do. As far as Hazmat IBCs are concerned, there is no extra charge for them. As long as the tote is empty when we pick it up, we will be more than happy to remove it from the premises. If you send us a full container, we will not be able to accept it, and it will be returned to you. Please also prepare the hazmat placards in a timely manner for the freight team.

    How much are USEd IBC totes Worth in AR?

    ReUsed USA pays IBC tote for anywhere from $15 – $100, depending on the condition of the tote.

    Food grade totes are more valuable than other types of IBCs. Agricultural totes, herbicides, pesticides, and oil fracking are not as valuable due to their risks and hazards

    What can i do with Old or Damaged IBC totes

    We are unable to offer you a payment for the old or damaged IBCs as a result of the fact that they do not have any resale value. Our company is able to provide you with a free tote pick up service as well as recycle the totes that you have collected.

    What is a UN Number

    The UN (United Nations) number is on the serial number plate.

    31ACode number designating type of IBC
    YPackaging group the IBC is approved for (Group II and III)
    0307Month/year of manufacture
    USACountry authorizing the marking
    M5406Name of manufacturer or certification agency
    7674Maximum stacking test load in kg
    4263Maximum permissible gross mass in kg
    2082Rated capacity in liters
    283Tare mass kg (estimate)
    0307Month/year of initial leakproofness test date
    0307Month/year of initial inspection date
    304SSMaterial of construction
    3.12Min. Thickness MM
    43626-10Manufacturer serial number
    How Many IBC Tote Per Pick Up

    We are able to fit 60 used IBC totes in one 53 foot dry van. It is important to have a forklift and loading dock on site. The Tote should also be loaded with valves facing the outer walls of the truck

    Where are you located in Arkansas

    We have Drop off Locations and offer pick ups in the following zip codes:



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    We Provide Pick Ups and Drop Offs in the following Cities:


    Little Rock
    Fort Smith
    North Little Rock
    Pine Bluff
    Hot Springs
    Bella Vista
    West Memphis
    Van Buren


    Free IBC Tote Pick Up

    1. Contact a Member of our Team
    2. Submit Pictures and Amount of IBCs
    3. Schedule a Truck for Pick Up
    4. We will pay you for good totes
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    Different Types of IBC Totes in Connecticut

    IBC totes, also known as intermediate bulk containers, are large reusable containers often used for the storage and transport of liquids. These totes are a popular choice for the transportation of chemicals, food products, and other liquids due to their durability and ability to withstand harsh conditions.

    There are several different types of IBC totes available on the market, each designed for specific applications and needs. The most common types of IBC totes include:


    Plastic IBC totes:

    These totes are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and are the most commonly used type of IBC tote. HDPE is a strong and durable material that can withstand harsh environments and is also resistant to chemicals and corrosive materials. Plastic IBC totes are available in a range of sizes and designs, and they can be fitted with various types of valves and fittings to suit different applications.


    Metal IBC totes:

    These totes are made of stainless steel or carbon steel and are designed for applications that require a high level of durability and resistance to corrosion. Metal IBC totes are often used in the transportation of chemicals, as well as for food products that require strict hygiene and cleanliness standards. Metal IBC totes are typically heavier and more expensive than plastic totes, but they offer superior durability and long-term performance.


    Composite IBC totes:

    These totes are made of a combination of materials, such as plastic and metal, and are designed to offer the benefits of both types of totes. Composite IBC totes are typically lighter and more cost-effective than metal totes, but they offer similar levels of durability and resistance to corrosion. These totes are often used in the transportation of chemicals and other hazardous materials.


    Reusable IBC totes:

    These totes are designed for applications where the tote will be used multiple times, such as for the transportation of chemicals from one location to another. Reusable IBC totes are made of durable materials, such as HDPE or stainless steel, and are designed to withstand repeated use and cleaning.

    These totes are typically more expensive than disposable totes, but they offer a more cost-effective and sustainable option for businesses that require frequent transport of liquids.


    In addition to the different materials used in the construction of IBC totes, there are also various designs and configurations available. Some common designs include:

    • Stackable IBC totes: These totes are designed with interlocking features that allow them to be stacked on top of each other, which makes them more efficient for storage and transportation.
    • Pallet-mounted IBC totes: These totes are mounted on a pallet, which makes them easy to handle and transport using a forklift or other material handling equipment.
    • Caged IBC totes: These totes are enclosed in a metal cage, which provides additional protection and stability during transportation.


    Overall, the type of IBC tote that is best suited for a particular application will depend on a range of factors, including the type of liquid being transported, the desired level of durability and resistance to corrosion, and the frequency of use. By considering these factors, businesses and individuals can choose the right type of IBC tote for their specific needs.